Why Finger Foods are the Best for Your Party

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_266759547 Why Finger Foods are the Best for Your Party Food Trends  pizza mini sandwiches finger food buffalo wings appetizers

Parties are the best. Not only do they allow you to let loose and relax, but they are the perfect opportunity to create cherished memories with your family and friends. However, when you are in charge of the planning, things can get stressful. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the food. For the least amount of hassle, …

Different Ways You Can Eat a Slice

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_266759547 Different Ways You Can Eat a Slice Food Trends  pizza slice fold pizza eat pizza

It’s fair to say that pizza is a pretty universally-loved food. However, that doesn’t mean we all consume those tasty slices the same way. As a pizza restaurant, we have seen plenty of the different ways people enjoy their pizza. That being said, keep reading below as we break down the three most popular ways people eat pizza. 

Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_206685033-1 Best Pizza and Wine Pairings Food Trends  pizza toppings food and wine pairings food and wine

When you’re hungry, what’s better than pizza? Pizza served with a cool glass of wine, of course. Filling and refreshing. There’s a little bit of an art behind pairing the two, however, and you’ll want to get it right so each complements the other. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Keep reading to see our recommendations for the best pizza …

Pizza Parma Named One of Pittsburgh’s Best Pizza Shops

Pizza Parma Screen-Shot-2019-10-14-at-2.50.56-PM Pizza Parma Named One of Pittsburgh’s Best Pizza Shops Food Trends Pittsburgh  star 100.7 pizza contest best pizza shops best pizza

Pittsburgh, Pa – Oct 14, 2019 – Pizza Parma has been named one of the best pizza shops in the area by Star 100.7 Pittsburgh. Taking 2nd overall against the likes of Nick’s Pizza in Castle Shannon and Sammy’s Pizza in Westwood, the restaurant towered over others in the Bubba Show Best Pizza in the ‘Burgh competition.

How to Become an Office Hero

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_260563438 How to Become an Office Hero Food Trends  office relations office catering free snacks

Chances are that you work in some sort of office environment. While it’s great to build your career and income, once you fall into your routine things can get a little boring. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can become an office hero and bring back some excitement for you and your coworkers.

Fun Rainy Day Activities

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Rainy days have a tendency to put us in a ho-hum mood, searching for something fun to do. With fall nearing, there are plenty of these days ahead. Take advantage of this opportunity to get inspired by fun rainy day activities for yourself and your family.

What is a Wedgie?

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_109362444 What is a Wedgie? Food Trends  wedgie pizza toppings pizza sandwich pizza

While pizza is amazing (don’t get us wrong), there is so much more to a pizza shop than just your favorite pies. There are pizza restaurant staples like calzones and stromboli, as well as many more ways to change up your order. So what about a wedgie? That’s right, we said it, W-E-D-G-I-E. Confused? Read on to learn more about …

Essentials for the Ultimate Pool Party

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_91061629 Essentials for the Ultimate Pool Party Summer Activities  summer party pool party pizza party end of summer

As summer is coming to an end, it’s important to take advantage of the warm weather while we still have the chance. What better way to end the summer with a bang than with the ultimate pool party? Check out our tips on how to throw a memorable pool party. 

Summer Activities in Pittsburgh

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_221230868 Summer Activities in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh  three rivers heritage trail summer activities pittsburgh during zummer PITTSBURGH mon incline kayaking

Despite the summer season being short in the Steel City, there are a lot of exciting ways to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. Visiting Pittsburgh this summer? Check out our tips on how to experience the beauty of the city with a few of the best summer activities in Pittsburgh.

Three Unexpected Food Trends This Summer

Pizza Parma AdobeStock_145533359 Three Unexpected Food Trends This Summer Food Trends  summer food seafood dishes keto diet food trends

Food trends tend to be cyclical. However, that doesn’t mean we know what to expect every season. As for this summer, the people have spoken and your go-tos are set. Read on to discover this summer’s most unexpected food trends.